“COLORS OF VOICES” is an application-based singing contest for ages 12–16 from all over the world.


• Be in grades 6–10 or 12–16 years of age on July 1 of the year you are applying

• Have not already been named “COLORS OF VOICES” finalist and have not previously performed at IFLC events two times.


• Choose your selection in any language.

• A modern song of the applicant’s choosing. This may be an existing song, or an original composition by the applicant. Original songs will not be judged on songwriting skill.

• All songs must be age & family-appropriate. Songs judged inappropriate will be disqualified.

• Record your performance (max 3 min)

  • You are not allowed to submit old videos. The video needs to be newly made just for Colors of Voices.
  • Songs have to be sung live. Pre-recorded and dubbed later is not acceptable.
  • You have to sing using the karaoke /instrumental track. Singing together with the singer’s voice is not acceptable.
  • You can use a smartphone, tablet or computer to record your performance. For optimal recording, stand in front of a light source and have ample light overhead. Do not have a light source behind the performer. Place the recording device a few feet away or where the performance sounds its best.
  • Videos are to be live, without editing, mixing, overdubs or audio/performance enhancements.
  • Record the video in full-screen horizontal mode and ensure the recording is of good quality.
  • Each participant should position her/himself at the center of the screen and show her/his head and shoulders.
  • Ensure recording equipment has the ability to capture good sound quality. Check for good balance and blend.
  • Leave the camera in one location. Shoot the vocalist straight on.
  • Do not pan, move the camera or follow the vocalist.
  • Camera image may be no closer than waist up.
  • Please do not do any of the following as it may disqualify you:
    – Do not edit within a piece.
    – Do not use special effects, dissolves, fades or wipes.
    – Do not submit pre-recorded live performances, such as recitals, concerts, or competitions.


• Your video must be titled as follows:

• Upload your video to YOUTUBE OR GOOGLE DRIVE.

• The link of uploaded video file should be emailed to: for viewing and evaluation by the panel of IFLCSA.


• Cash awards
• A peer network of performers worldwide
• International recognition



Step 1: Country Finals


YOUR VIDEO should be uploaded to YOUTUBE OR GOOGLE DRIVE for online viewing.

The link of uploaded video file should be emailed to: for viewing and evaluation by the panel of IFLCSA.

Please include in your email the following information:

Brief information about your song:

Your Name:

Your School:



Contact number:

The SOUTH AFRICAN Country results will be announced on Monday, March 18 2021.

In South African Country Final level, the cash awards will be presented to the performances of the top three competitors.

The cash awards will be as follows:
First prize                       : R5000
Second prize                  : R3000
Third prize                      : R2000

If you are entitled to represent your country and find a spot among the 12 finalists and 2 wild card finalists, you’ll then have the chance to progress towards the Grand Final!

Step 2: Preparations & Green Screen Shooting

The 12 finalists and 2 wild card finalists showcase their performances in their cultural costumes before the green screen (as if they were singing on stage) between March 23 and April 5. The finalists are required to send their video recordings by April 5, 2021 at the latest.
(In order to improve the quality of the green screen performance, you may find the technical details here. In addition, our technical unit will be happy to provide online support while shooting videos. Videos that do not meet the criteria will not be taken into consideration. Instead, a substitute finalist will be invited to the Grand Final.

Step 3: Colors of Voices Grand Final

The contest will be held live on YouTube on June 26, 2021.
The jury members will be announced on May 30.
The jury will watch the videos of the candidates on the day of the event and share their comments and evaluations.

The videos of the selected 12 finalists will also be voted by the public through a survey link that will be available during the event. The popular vote will make 25% of the final evaluation and the jury vote 75%.

The results will be announced live on Sunday, June 27 at 19:30 CET. The performances of the top three competitors will be broadcast again. The cash awards will be presented to the winners through our partner organizations in their corresponding countries.

The cash awards will be as follows:
First prize                       : 1000 USD
Second prize                  : 750 USD
Third prize                      : 500 USD
Best song selection       : 300 USD
Best costume choice    : 300 USD
Honorable Mention      : 300 USD
All the competitors will receive “Certificate of Participation”
All the finalists will be invited to perform at IFLC events after the Covid-19 restrictions are over.

Note: Please be sure you follow all requirements related to your application. Failure to comply with any of the requirements listed may result in disqualification during the review process and/or make your application ineligible for an award.